Design and function ideas with small packages of metal

Dynamite comes in small packages. This borrowed phrase applies in equal measure to metal, because if you take the smallest bit of metal applied to any area of your office environment and your stationery stock, you will be hard-pressed trying to break it down. And why would you want to. Your metal-coated accoutrements and office furniture and décor touched with metal is not only difficult to breakdown (again, why would you want to do this), it remains functional to the workspace and it is extremely attractive to look at and touch.

This makes metal surfaces and functional metal corners aesthetically pleasing. You will see and experience this in the interiors of a newly released car make and model. Because going against the grain of furnishing cars with unsustainable plastic, the delicate and discrete additions to the car’s interior décor linings adds a touch of class, superiority and sophistication. The color range is apt for this aesthetic purpose.

You will find apt metal finishes in the following colors; antique brass, antique copper, black ox, brass, chocolate brown and dull nickel. Part of the enforcement that makes it difficult for any difficult mind to break down these surfaces is thick steel applications on all intricate corners, where these are applicable. Corners, like their metal peers, come in all manner of shapes and sizes. You get your round corners and you get your square corners, those are the standard bearers.

There are also those enforceable metal surfaces that don’t require corners. The type of commercial products that are shielded with metal are far too numerous to mention in this short space. But some of these will include metal stamping products, wire formations, spring flex rings and handles. Personal use is catered for by way of belt buckles and key and wallet hardware.