Healthy Snacks That Are Diet Friendly

Many people think that being on a diet means you won’t get to eat any tasty food and snacks anymore, but that is simply not true. There are plenty of delicious and healthy snacks that are diet-friendly. Frozen yogurt products are an example of a delicious snack that is healthy as well. For the most health benefits, it’s best to stick to Greek frozen yogurt, but any frozen yogurt flavor is still low-fat enough to work with a diet. When it comes to diets, the best toppings to choose would be fresh fruits and nuts. Avoid sugary toppings since they will not be complementary to your diet.

Craving something salty? Cheese is a perfectly healthy snack as long as you ditch carbohydrate loaded bread. Keeping a few pockets of string cheese in your bag for when you’re getting peckish is a great way to get a protein boost without loading in carbohydrates as well. Other salty snacks you could eat when you’re on a diet include jerky. Jerky is another great source of protein with no carbohydrates or unhealthy fat present. Pairing jerky with melted cheese would be an indulgent but still diet friendly snack, since there are no carbohydrates present.

If you’re in the mood for chocolate, don’t fret. Dark chocolate is perfectly healthy. The only thing that makes chocolate unhealthy is all the sugar that goes into it. If you’re not a fan of bitter chocolate, you can melt your chocolate down and add a healthy natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup to it before refreezing. You could also try drinking chocolate flavored protein shakes. Once again, check to make sure there aren’t excessive amounts of sugar in your protein shakes, since this will negate the healthy aspect of it.